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“Russia’s Boreal forests, also known as the Taiga, is the largest forested region on Earth (approximately 12 million km2) and the Eastern-Siberian Taiga contains the largest expanse of untouched boreal forest in the world.  
The Taiga is dominated by coniferous trees that are very well adapted to harsh climatic conditions. Conifers are evolutionarily older than broad-leaved deciduous trees. They evolved under much more inhospitable conditions and so are better adapted to thin, nutrient-poor soils than their deciduous counterparts.
The Taiga harbors a majority of the world’s conifers and Russia is one of the world’s largest timber exporters, shipping almost a quarter of all lumber traded globally in 2019.”


Wood is a precious renewable resource with great potential for technological evolution and the ecological transition of our society. Realizing and developing this potential is why we go to work.
The company brings together an international team with extensive experience based in Russia, Abu Dhabi and France.

We are constantly monitoring the Russian timber industry and partner with suppliers in Siberia, exercising responsible forestry practices and complying with the highest environmental standards.
Our team provides on-site quality control at cargo loading and fully monitors the supply chain of the cargo from end to end to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products and services.


Rough sawn, square edged and kiln-dried timber

Woodrize specializes in sourcing responsibly harvested Siberian timber in the form of rough-sawn, square-edged and kiln-dried lumber. We focus on wood species with superior technical properties and durability. The lumber we procure is grown and harvested in Siberia, fully FSC and PEFC certified and produced in accordance with specifications GOST 26002-83


Siberian Larch
Larix Sibirica

Siberian larch is the strongest and most durable coniferous wood species. Natural heartwood extractives confer to Siberian larch wood a remarkable decay resistance without chemical treatment. It is recommended for long-lasting outdoor or marine timber structures, cladding, flooring and decking.


Angara Pine
Pinus Sylvestris

The Angara pine is an ecotype of the Scots pine, distributed in Central Siberia. It is usually denser than its European counterpart and benefits from a low thermal conductivity. Its natural characteristics make it a particularly suitable choice for energy-efficient construction projects with low ecological impact.


Siberian Cedar
Pinus Sibirica

Siberian cedar clearly stands out for its air sanitizing effect and natural durability. For centuries, Siberian populations have been exploiting its resin and lumber for its healing and antibacterial properties. It is still today the wood of choice for traditional bathhouses and is a popular pick for indoor furniture or carpentry.

Under construction
Wooden House Construction

Siberian spruce
Picea Obovata

Siberian spruce is light and soft but has good strength and elasticity properties for its relatively light weight. The timber dries quickly, without cracking or warping and is not very susceptible to shrinkage. It is used for general construction, finishing, composite materials. It is easy to process and can be worked with all tools and machines.

8th Picture - Siberian Fir.png

Siberian fir
Abies Sibirica

Siberian fir is frost-resistant surviving temperatures down to -58°F (−50°C), making it one of the hardiest known trees. Siberian Fir is an economically important timber species, extensively harvested from vast natural stands.  The wood is soft, lightweight, and weak. It is used in construction, furniture, and wood pulp.

9th Picture Silver Birch.jpg

Silver birch
Betula Pendula

It is a medium hard species offering good liquid permeability. It has a high strength value and is of  high durability. With a good abrasion resistance birch doesn’t underperform oak, thereby can be used for parquet manufacturing. It is easy bendable, suitable for various processing and easy to paint polish and polish. 





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